Ordering a telescopic crane? Here is what to look for

If you are in the market for telescopic cranes, chances are that you are about to make an expensive order, because you need a crane fitted for the type of application you are concerned about. Making mistakes can be extremely costing when placing a large order. This is why you must be very picky when defining the scope and when selecting a partner. 

When you are ordering a customized telescopic crane, you should always look for this in your partner.

A tailored solution: It is very important, that you get a crane tailored for your specific business. Afterall, it must do a certain type of tsk for you, and it should be able to do so in the most efficient way possible. You will most likely spend a great deal of time discussing your specific needs with your business partner, so they can understand your requirements and design a crane, that matches everything you demand. So be specific about the different types of tasks, so you – among others – get the size, reach, and load capacity of the crane correct. 

Construction in a high quality: Always think in a “built to last” manner. Like mentioned earlier, it is an expensive investment, when you decide to go get your new crane. That is why you must ensure, that every component is created with long lasting steel components, and that the engineers on the project are some of the bests in the business. This will help you achieve a better end result, meaning a telescopic crane that is built to last – and will remain safe to operate. 

Be aware that a telescopic crane built in the best possible quality will also ensure a much more reliable crane solution. You want a crane that can perform consistently over time and is built with that in mind – of course not excluding the necessary maintenance and repairs that will be required from time to time during the cranes long lifespan. 

Innovation can be key: It is always great to have the latest features. But only if those features are tested and up for the required tasks. Having said that, make sure you do not enter a partnership with a stagnant and perhaps even stubborn business. You want to hear suggestions and solutions that matches your needs – and if your possible partner can even think outside of the box and show innovation and initiative, then you might have hit the jackpot.