Holstein cows are one of the most favored breeds around the world

Holstein cows, also known as Friesian cows in some parts of the world, are a dairy breed known for their high milk production. Holsteins have black and white spotted coats and can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. Originally from Holland, Holsteins were imported to North America in the early 1700s and have since become the dominant dairy breed in the United States. Holstein cows typically produce around 2,300 gallons of milk per year, though they have been recorded producing over 30,000 pounds of milk in a single year.

Holsteins are also used for beef production due to their large size. However, their tendency towards higher milk production can sometimes lead to health issues such as mastitis and hoof problems. Holsteins are also bred for unusually large size, which can cause additional health problems for the animals. Dairy farmers are working towards improving Holstein genetics through selective breeding programs aimed at increasing productivity while addressing these concerns.

Holstein cows are milk producing champions

Holstein cows are known for their high milk production. They produce around 22,000 pounds of milk per year, making them one of the most efficient dairy breeds. Holsteins also have strong and sturdy bodies, allowing them to thrive in a variety of environments. Their hardiness and efficiency make Holsteins a top choice for dairy farmers across the world. Additionally, Holsteins are known for their longevity and can often remain productive for several years before retirement. Overall, Holstein cows are valuable members of the dairy industry and continue to be a preferred breed for milk production.

Today there are different cow breeders who are trying produce more healthy Holstein cows, so the breed can continue on a healthier route.

Holstein cows with a brighter future

With Viking-Holstein cows, the focus on the health problems for Holstein cows have been addressed. The excellent breeding programs have seen huge increase of resilience in herds, where the health is on top of what can be expected, while the high producing numbers of the Holstein cows are intact.

Investing in Viking-Holstein cows can have a huge return on investment for your dairy farm. Their excellent health and reproduction mean less time and money spent on medical bills and lost productivity. Plus, their high lifetime production of milk and solids means more profit for your business. And with their strong genetic diversity, Viking Holstein cows are an investment that will last for generations to come.